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“My brother and I were raised by our mother. She was our entire world. Her loss has been difficult to absorb, but it has propelled me into finding a way to combat this specific type of cancer which is one of the deadliest.”

Russell Browne

Managing Director BMO Capital Markets

Lost mom to pancreatic cancer

“Kernls is a tremendous platform that provides me, and everyone else, a look into specific research projects allowing me to engage my network and have an impact where I want.”

Ross Blum

COO Skyline Robotics

Lost mom to pancreatic cancer

“I’ve always wanted to donate directly to research I care about, Kernls not only made this possible they fostered a meaningful relationship with the researcher leading the project, and have been instrumental in making our fundraising campaign a success.”

Liz Carlson

Founder, Heal with Liz

ME/CFS Survivor and Advocate

What’s a Champion?
Champions are our most motivated donors. They’ve had first-hand experience with an illness and are driven to make an impact by supporting related research directly.

Do Champions need to donate themselves or match donations?
No, there is no specific requirement to match donations or donate as a Champion. However, Champions who offer donation matches see more traction with their campaigns. 

What benefits are available to Champions?
• Champions and their stories are featured on the project page.

Champions have the opportunity to participate in special sessions with researchers, receive in-depth updates on the projects they support during and long after their campaign has ended.
• Champions are also offered the opportunity to connect with other Champions who are supporting the same research area. 
• Champions will have early access to information about new projects relevant to them.
• Champions have a huge impact in making this research possible and they are leaving a legacy of ensuring other patients in the future get more information, effective treatment and one day, a cure.

What are the expectations of a Champion?
Your only job as a Champion is to share your campaign. Use the Kernls platform to promote your campaign, reach out to your network and help the researchers advance their projects. That’s it!

How does Kernls support my outreach?
Kernls provides tools to help send emails and social media posts throughout your campaign.

Kernls will notify Champions of optimal times to send their communications out. Kernls provides Champions with updates on visitors and donors to their campaigns.


Are you ready to become a Champion?

Fight back against illness by connecting with researchers, engaging your community and changing the prognosis for millions of people.

Fight for the cause you care about

Connect with and support world renowned researchers and cutting edge research

100% of funds raised by your campaign go directly to the research

Feel connected

Engage your community in supporting
research and inspire a social movement

Leave a legacy

Ensure future patients get effective treatments, and one day, a cure

Kernls is here every step of the way to support you with an easy and effective process for engaging your community.

Receive consistent updates on research advancement and breakthroughs

Share your story directly alongside the research and match donations if you wish

Access a toolbox of email and social media content to get you started and keep the momentum going

Remain featured alongside the research you moved forward after the campaign

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