Fund medical research by engaging and collaborating with donors

Kernls helps research organizations amplify the visibility of high-priority projects by finding and fostering connections with donors from new and existing channels.

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How Kernls boosts your fundraising efforts

KernIs complements existing development efforts while making scientific research funding more mainstream!

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Access a highly-motivated community of donors

We’re growing a community of donors we call Champions who are personally motivated to make an impact in a specific area of research.

Champions drive awareness and giving by sharing projects with their network and providing funds for matching donations.

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Optimize the donation experience from beginning to end

We fully support research and development teams during project onboarding, helping to make project content donor-friendly. We also collect payments, provide foundation reporting, and help identify promising growth channels.

Stay connected through meaningful updates

We work with research and development teams to provide focused and transparent updates on the researchers and their projects to our network of Champions and donors to keep them engaged. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I expected to fund the amount I've committed to donation matching? 

Depending on the amount you match, you can choose to fund the amount you’re matching all at once or in increments. If you're eligible to fund in increments, we’ll ask you for 50% of your donation match. When your donation match needs a top up, we'll send you an email. 

Is there a fee charged on my Match Commitment? 

No, Kernls doesn’t charge Champions any fees on their Match Commitment. 

When will I receive the tax receipt for my donation? 

You can request a tax receipt at any time for the amount of the donation that has been realized, or wait until the end of the project. 

Can I fund the project all at once? 

Yes, you have the option to fund 100% of the project up front.

If I choose to fund a project all at once, and there are no donations to be matched, am I eligible for a refund of the donation? 

No, once the funds have been received by a charitable foundation and a tax receipt has been issued, the funds can’t be returned.

What happens when a project doesn’t meet its funding goal?

We give researchers the option to choose a “fixed” or “flexible” funding goal.

If a goal is fixed, it means that the research project can’t move forward unless the funding goal on Kernls is met. In this case, if a goal isn’t met, we will email you with options to redirect your donation to another project at the same research institution. If a goal is flexible, it means that Kernls is one of many funding sources for the project, and funds will be allocated to the project whether the goal is met or not.

What happens if my full Match Commitment is not realized?

You are only ever responsible for the portion of the Match Commitment that has been utilized by donors on the site.

Kernls empowers those looking to make fundraising for medical research transparent, accessible, and easy

"Kernls has the potential to significantly supplement the ability of the scientific community to succeed at bringing their own vision to life."

Dr. Mathieu Lupien

Pursuing Treatment for Breast Cancer Relapse

Senior Scientist, University Health Network

"It's challenging for development and communication professionals to communicate as much as we would like about the most relevant science. Kernls helps to address this issue and enables us to explain and amplify our high-priority projects in a donor-friendly way."

Christine E. Hughes

VP, Institutional Advancement
Burke Neurological Institute, Cornell University

We have a list of Champions who are committed to supporting research and are awaiting the right project.

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